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Eurovision Contest 2009

In Poland it is perhaps a bit embarrassing to admit watching the Eurovision Contest, but in England this is almost like a national sport – invite friends, get your popcorn and beers, sink in the sofa for 3 hours and enjoy slagging off the spectacle of bad songs, ridiculous outfits and fake tans. And watch in disbelief the block voting of continental Europe prove once again that being an island has its significant drawbacks…

As with football, Eurovision always leaves me a bit torn – should I cheer for Poland or should I cheer for England? Luckily, this year’s Polish entry did not make it to the finals (and better so both for Poland and the viewers!) and so I could back UK with a clear conscience. OK, I admit, I don’t even remember the name of the girl who sang for the UK, I only know that Andrew Lloyd Webber accompanied her and co-wrote her song, which was not exactly your typical Euro-pop hit. I also know that thanks to the changes in the voting system the UK entry actually scored decently in the 5th place. No flying tomatoes at the telly on this occasion!

The winning Norwegians seem to have found the perfect formula though – a Norwegian entry (high scores from all Scandinavia in the bag) by a performer of Russian roots, a song that depending on where you come from can have a Slavic, a Balkan or a Gaelic feel + costumes and stage decorations straight out of the Brothers’ Grimm. All of this presented by a boy with a fiddle, a few acrobats and two tall blondes – a perfect Eurovision song! My husband cringes whenever he hears the lyrics (“Years ago when I was younger I kinda liked a girl I knew”), but I must confess (and this is my 3rd and last confession in just one blog post!) – I love the song and want to jump up and dance whenever I hear it. Well done Norway for making us all happier!

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