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Most popular Polish searches in 2008

Google Zeitgeist 2008

Google Zeitgeist 2008

Google Zeitgeist has published the most searched phrases in individual countries for the year 2008. What did Polish internet users search for most? Their friends! The social networking site Nasza klasa is by far the most popular online service in Poland with 11 million registered users.

Here are the Polish Top 10 searches in 2008:

Most Popular Polish searches

1. nasza klasa
2. gry (games)
3. allegro (auction site)
4. youtube
5. onet (Polish portal)
6. mapa (map)
7. program tv (TV schedule)
8. forum
9. warszawa (Warsaw)
10. praca (jobs)

Fastest Rising Polish searches

1. nasza klasa
2. pudelek (celebrity gossip site)
3. wrzuta (multimedia file sharing site)
4. youtube
5. jozin z bazin (cabaret/song)
6. miasto muzyki (online radio stations)
7. pekin 2008 (Beijing 2008)
8. mam talent (Got Talent TV show)
9. ikariam (online game)
10. maciej zientarski (motoring journalist and TV presenter)

Google also published searches in specific categories such as Celebrities (1. doda 2. feel 3. harry potter), Jobs & Finances (jobs, stock market, exchange rates), Inspirations (1. wishes 2. recipes 3. citations) and TV Shows.

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