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Multivariate Testing & Cultural Usability

I have been recently publishing some articles in another blog on multivariate testing for international website optimisation.

I do not want to republish the articles, but I thought it would be good to provide just a little explanation and link to them here.

I have been interested in cultural usability since my postgraduate studies at Sussex University (in Human-Centred Computer Systems) and have done some research in the area of website design for different cultures. This has brought me to the technology called multivariate testing – which basically allows you to run several variations of the same website simultaneously in order to test which version provides best results (either in number of successful transactions, sales conversions or newsletter sign-ups, etc.).

Together with a few other researchers we have been investigating the application of multivariate testing specifically for website localisation – a brand new approach altogether.

So, for anyone interested in cultural usability or international design, I would invite you to have a look at the blog – www. Cultural Multivariate .com.


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