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Skype Split Personality Syndrome

It took me a little while to realise that Skype has finally introduced a very useful functionality from its version 4.0 onwards – namely, you can run multiple instances of Skype at the same time. This in real terms means that you can simultaneously be logged into more than one Skype account. Why is this useful?

Dr Jekyll on SkypeMr Hyde on Skype

Skype started off for me as a fantastic solution for keeping in touch with my family and friends while living abroad. I can’t even begin to express how much easier living away from home has become, knowing that you can have endless online conversations which don’t cost you a penny. With the popularisation of webcams one can feel even closer and keep up with one’s friends’ hairstyles.

Before I noticed, half of my Skype contacts were business related and soon I started to worry about my Skype status updates and Skype avatar – these were meant for my family’s entertainment and not as a PR tool. I started wondering if there was a way of keeping these two separate, so that I could have my private photos and my live music updates visible to some of my contacts, while at the same time keep the professional fa├žade by displaying my business logo and work-related messages to others. Back then – there was no practical solution to this problem.

I was pleased to find out that this has been now addressed and would like to share my discovery with all other freelancers who want to have a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Skype existence. Please refer to the Skype Help for detailed instructions on how to run two Skype accounts on one computer. This is really simple and allows you to have two accounts and be logged in on both of them and needless to say, each of them can have different contacts and different settings. It just needs a little effort to tidy things up in the first instance, such as sending new details to the Contacts you need to move to the other account, but after that – you are free to be a split personality.

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